Wellness is Great Fitness Outdoors

Staying fit through your lifestyle inevitable contributes to great wellness when it comes to physical well-being. Depending on your preference, you can incorporate any kind of movement into your daily routine. Some people prefer not to step a foot in a gym or do any form of exercise indoors, luckily the great outdoor offers many possibilities even in inclement weather.

I remember one particulate cold icy and snowy Winter here in the South West where I took it up on myself to walk my dogs at least once a day for close to half an hour no matter how cold or dreary it was. Everyday I would bundle up from head to toes and leash up the eager pets for a brisk walk on the bike path dodging ice patches and snowy drifts. As a goal I took a particular bush or tree to head for as to increase the distance on a daily basis. I noticed as added benefit that I became quite resistant to the regular flu and colds most people were experiencing during the colder months. As always keeping up nutritionally also helps, especially using sports nutrition before, during and after any physical activities. Check out my sports nutrition here.

Hiking is another way to stay fit with or without dogs. Outdoor/indoor sports such as tennis, badminton, swimming etc. can be done year around at your convenience. There’s always some workout you can do outdoors, no matter what the season is. To come up with something new, think back to your childhood and remember what fitness activities you did? Sledding down the hill in the Winter? Have a go at it with a friend and you may enjoy a new playful way to keep your fitness routine going.

What’s your favorite outdoor workout that keeps you motivated to stay fit? Feel free to share suggestions in comments below.

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