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I’m the ideal Wellthy Lifestyle Coach for Women 50 Plus ready to embrace and rebuild their Homemade Wellth.

Welcome to ARIVER!

My Wellthy Eco Luxury Lifestyle (W.E.L.L.)

Hi, I’m Ariëlle Verweij, and I’m a Wellthy Lifestyle Coach.

I stand for living a holistic, conscious, compassionate, and aware lifestyle.

Wellthy stands for Wellness and Wealth combined, Eco stands for being ecologically conscious and responsible, Luxury stands for abundance and Lifestyle stands for the way you desire to live.

The acronym is W.E.L.L.

I aspire to assist women in becoming more feminine, attracting a loving and positive relationship, while staying interdependent.

Feeling happy, whole and excited about life is something women desire and deserve, and therefore living the Wellthy Eco Luxury Lifestyle is paramount to that.

My brand ARIVER is about excellence, timelessness, ageless love and living one’s best life.

I help ladies over 50 improve wellness by inspiring wellthy living

I went to the Kushi Institute after finishing high school in Amsterdam. In 1980, I left for America to visit family and to further my studies as a Macrobiotic Health Counselor, including getting a certificate cooking for cancer- and heart disease patients. Besides giving Macrobiotic health consultations and cooking for clients, I taught Macrobiotic cooking and dance-aerobic classes. I got a diploma in Fitness and Nutrition and also taught swimming and creative dance for children. I gave clients ginger compress and barefoot Shiatsu treatments.

I decided to become a Certified Wellness Coach and I have also certifications in Holistic Life-, Stress Management- & Green Living Coaching in order to help my clients get better results. Besides that, I’m a Certified Online Coach.

My goal is to help others toward personal, environmental and financial wellness. I am here for you and am dedicated to providing you Excellent Elite Service™.

Having lived in South America, Europe and the United States, I am well aware of the importance of thinking globally and acting locally. Our health and the health of our planet are intricately connected.




Professional Recommendations

“Ariëlle has a passion for helping people to feel and look younger longer.”

Ellen Reynolds

Health And Wellness Consultant

Texas, USA

“A mom with a great story to tell and experiences to go with. Makes a great example for helping other moms get thru anything.”

Linda King

Wholistic Medical Massage and Feng Shui Design

Oregon, USA

“I love the energy and knowledge that Ariëlle shares with customers and clients related to health and fitness!”

Nanette Herrera

MPA, CPSW, MHFA and independent consultant

California, USA

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