Going Green

Environmental Wellness is benefiting not only you, your loved ones and your pets but also planet earth and beyond. It’s actually not so difficult to learn new habits which take care of your environmental wellness. One step at the time you can integrate small positive actions that are well worth the outcome for all.

A simple way to begin is to recycle your glass, papers, cardboard and cans. Another is by simply using natural non toxic cleaners for any cleaning job that comes to mind. More importantly is to start with oneself by using only non toxic, non chemical body products and consuming only organic non GMO foods and drinks.

I know this all sounds like a long list of things to do, therefore take it slowly to create these new habits for your optimal environmental wellness. As a teenager I had to write a report for biology class, I choose “Pollution” and I had my mom model with the vacuum cleaner on our lawn next to a pile of household trash for a photo in the section on recycling which we already did well. Growing up in the Netherlands in the seventies, the concept of recycling was readily integrated among the residents.

Check with your local city or town ordinance on their policies on recycle pick up and drop off for larger or more toxic items.

What’s your favorite way to go green? Feel free to share suggestions in comments below.

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