Women Empowered: Live your Purpose & Own Your Worth 

Paperback – July 31, 2017

Looking for some great Autumn/Winter reading? My 3rd co-authored book is available in Kindle & Paperback! I also created the cover for it! It’s a book for newbie coaches and those wanting inspiration, authored by coaches & visionary leaders, and it makes for a great read! All proceeds go to causes for women & children, and I’m donating all my proceeds to Warrior Horses helping Warrior Kids who fight cancer! Order your copy here:  

My Fondest Memory of the Holidays:

A Celebration from Around the World Paperback – December 21, 2016

The holidays are a unique time. Some happy, some sad but the memories remain. This small book is a compilation of stories from around the world talking about memories from childhood and adulthood. Read my story about “Sinterklaas” with accompanying recipe and photos. This is a delightful collection of stories, photos and recipes with a holiday theme… It is a heartwarming book, and will make a lovely gift for Christmas and all other holiday gift giving!

100 Voices of Inspiration, Awakening & Empowerment

Blending Voices Creating Change Kindle Edition – November 22, 2016

I am excited that I wrote a chapter titled “Cloud of Doomsday”, about how I weathered one of the greatest storms of all in my journey with my precious daughter Noëlle when she had cancer. The world is improved when stories are told. Over 100 women, men and kids participated in this massive project. Thanks for your support of this team of authors reach #1 on Launch day! Also available in paperback.

Het Huis In De Zon

(The House In The Sun)

This handcrafted book is a whimsical and philosophical compilation of four stories and six poems written in the Dutch language by the author under the pen name Ariëlla Verweij Lichtveld at age eighteen. It includes italic handwritten text and six line drawings besides the front and back cover drawing.