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Working out to stay fit is great way to enhance your physical wellness. One of the ways to stay on track is using videos as part of varying your exercise routine. Pilates has gained its popularity over the years and many fitness gurus have put out excellent Pilates videos now mostly in form of DVD’s and online videos.

One of my all time favorites, dating already ten years back, is ‘Noelle’s Pilates Power House’ which I still do today as part of my fitness routine. The 3 part set was given to me by my oldest daughter Mari as a birthday gift, not long after the passing of my own Noëlle who left us way too early at the tender age of 15. Being able to do the workout 2 to 3 times a week not only helped me move through my grief at the time but kept me strong and centered as well.

Other Pilates videos I do are from Mari Winsor and Denise Austin. More advanced levels can be reached with Theresa Borgren and Louise Solomon who throw some yoga in the mix.

Whatever you choose, make sure you check with your main wellness care giver before embarking on a fitness plan and gradually increase your workout load.

The nice thing about a Pilates DVD is that you can take it with you on a trip when you bring your laptop or get a digital video for a tablet. ‘Noelle’s Pilates Power House’ has even a workout for that called ‘Pilates in your Pocket’ which I have taken on my travels.

Enjoy spicing up your fitness routine by getting a new Pilates Video once in while and your body will thank you for doing so.

What is your favorite Pilates Video? Feel free to share suggestions in comments below.

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