As the weather is changing subtly to Autumn, I already go a bit more inwardly and contemplate on this past Summer and the rest of the year to come.

School started, the last Summer holiday weekend is here and a new season to come call for a renewed view, a different outlook and more passion for living. Granted that Fall is my favorite time of year and I always look so much forward to it.

For me it’s the best time to contemplate on beauty, silence, peace, loss, abundance and love, ect. The richness and the bounty of the season itself calls for that.

I like to do simple breathing exercises or sing the HU song or just go for a walk in order to contemplate on anything really. Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I contemplate on my goals and envision them one for one before letting go and relaxing some more.

You may have other techniques for contemplation and different favorite times and or seasons. Whatever works for you, do it regularly and you’ll find more spiritual wellness as a result of it. Besides that, it will benefit your overall wellness as well.

Have a happy Fall!

May The Blessings Be…

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