Best Bodywork For You

Over the years I’ve received numerous other nourishing treatments from different practitioners using varied modalities such as chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, Trager and many more… When I was married I did get a series of Polarity treatments since my former husband had to complete the requirements of his Polarity training. There has been much researched, written and spoken about the benefits of these hands on sessions and I’ve experienced many benefits although I had to endure some discomfort at times.

Depending on your constitution and condition you may prefer and benefit from a different modality over another and respond best to more- or less pressure while touched. I highly recommend you start to explore these complementary treatment options or when you already have, keep them a part of your regular wellness routine.

A long time ago in my macrobiotic school training I learned Shiatsu which I prefer to give barefoot since it’s easier on my body. I also learned to do Do In (Japanese self massage) which I still practice every day.

Recently I signed up for a massage membership with discounts through Groupon* and it was well worth the time and money spend.


To your optimal wellness!


*Please note that I have my referral link embedded here and I receive a small commission to help me offset my website and or my personal wellness costs.

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