Changing with the Seasons

Naturally people adapt to the changing season as the weather turns. Transitioning from Summer to Fall, school and going back to work from vacation help make that change with the aiding hand of commercialism and media. Going back to school sales, warmer weather attire and cozy images of Autumn recipes and home interiors appear in our daily vision. We gather the goods as squirrels gather nuts as we laud in the new season. Besides making a few adjustments here and there, most of us continue our same routine as usual. The same foods and drinks more or less, the same habits.

Society’s pace doesn’t allow us much for tuning in and contemplating the natural changes of the seasons as we’re expected to perform on the job or in school consistently at the same speed. In the agricultural era one listened more to the ebb and flow, the coming and going of nature and there for one was more in harmony over all. Now we get in trouble ignoring the natural transformation around us and therefore inside of us. Think of all the people who must go to work through blizzards and get stuck, in accidents or worse.

Once tuned in, we can’t help but listen to what nature has to tell us inside and out. We can adjust to the transformation in a very deliberate and consciences way. We can adjust our life style by changing to seasonal eating and drinking which is so beautifully taught in Macrobiotic cooking. We can begin to connect on a deeper level with ourselves and the world around us by contemplating whether that’s at home, at work or in nature. Enjoy all the seasons you can experience in your climate, as subtle as they may seem.

How do you adjust best to the new seasons?

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