Facial Skin Care Products

There’s much to be said about facial skin care products as choices are plenty full and the demand is great

Healthy Nutrition

Can You Call It Coffee?

As soon as the colder weather sets in, I grave something more substantial than thee. Since I don’t drink coffee

Healthy Nutrition

Organic Pie Baking

Especially in the Fall and Winter, I love to bake organic pies using the very best quality ingredients and recipes.

Healthy Nutrition

Kira’s Burrito Bowl

Kira’s Burrito Bowl (phase 2, week 1) Post Fresh Start Cleanse. Find out more about the Fresh Start Cleanse HERE,


Organic Blueberry Peach Pie

I made an organic Blueberry Peach Pie with added strawberries for color pop. Blueberry Peach Pie recipe from Eden Foods.

Healthy Nutrition

Organic Carrot Cake

I made organic Carrot Cake with Tofu Icing on top. Carrot Cake recipe from Eden Foods.

Healthy Nutrition

Strawberry Smoothie

I made this delicious strawberry smoothie. Post Fresh Start Cleanse. Find out more about the Fresh Start Cleanse HERE, password: fresh


Fitness Is A Lifestyle

Here’s a flashback from the eighties when I was an aerobics dance and fitness teacher at the former Aerobics Asylum

Spiritual Health

Completing the circle

Completing the circle– Teen’s death sends family around the world to spread her ashes in New Mexico Click here to