Organic Pie Baking

Especially in the Fall and Winter, I love to bake organic pies using the very best quality ingredients and recipes. The wonderful aroma that fills the house while the pie is baking and the pleasure of indulging in a treat once in a while is worth the effort put forth.

I don’t use regular brown or even organic sugar in my recipes but usually use coconut sugar, barley malt or maple syrup as sweeteners.  For oils I use a variety of ingredients also depending on the recipe. It can be coconut oil but also it can be olive oil. To get a lighter desert, I use unbleached pastry flour for most of my pies and I sift it through a strainer.

I find my recipes in good natural food cook books and on the internet as well. I usually search for terms as organic, vegan, macrobiotic and natural which bring up a plethora of choices. Sometimes I come up with my own discoveries and jot them down before I forget.

With an abundant supply of apples, carrots and pumpkins in the cooler months, those are the first pies or cake that come to mind when the desire is there for something delicious. Although I’ve tried my hand at more unusual pies such as pecan pie which is equally delectable. Pecan Pie recipe from Eden Foods.

What’s your favorite home-baked pie or cake? Feel free to share suggestions in comments below.


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