Magic Bullet® Hallelujah Hummus

Recently I had the opportunity to order The Original Magic Bullet®, high speed blender & mixer, 11 piece set. I remember clearly that my late daughter Noëlle asked for this little machine when she was a preteen after watching the infomercial on TV. She kept on begging for one, however my arguments won. I said that it seems way too tittle to handle all the kitchen jobs for our family of four and that we already had all the gadgets that could do all the things the Magic Bullet® promised to do in 10 seconds flat. Besides those winning arguments, I thought it was a bit much to spend on such a thing and I never trust all claims blasted on TV anyway.

Thus it came never to a Magic Bullet® for Noëlle while she graced our lives with her beautiful smile. She loved cooking and eating Italian food besides helping me in the kitchen. Unfortunately she got sick and passed away a few short years later, but I never forgot her wish of the Magic Bullet®. Every time I saw one on TV or in a store, I remembered Noëlle heart desire wish for the little machine. One day I decided that since I just make food for myself these days, I was going to honor her late wish and get myself a Magic Bullet®! I did a little research online to learn about more about the thing and how it compared to a few other similar blenders and mixers. I thought I’m going to give it a try.

A few days ago, The Magic Bullet® arrived and I eagerly un-boxed all eleven parts and put them on my kitchen counter. Besides the actual Magic Bullet® itself and the Cross Blade, there are three blender cups with matching rings and lids. Today I washed the loose parts and I whipped up my first dish; “Hallelujah Hummus” in the large blender cup, from the accompanying 10-Second Recipes & User Guide. It tasted quite yummy! I am pleasantly surprised that the Recipe Index is divided in Kid-Friendly, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian and Vegan. I look forward trying out most recipes with my little Magic Bullet® and every time I do I’ll remember my own little cook.

Get you own Magic Bullet® with all the recipes! Click on the image below.

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