Attract Ageless Love
in Your Golden Years


Attract Ageless Love in Your Golden Years: 50 Plus Wellthy & Loved Coaching Program

50 Plus Wellthy & Loved Coaching Program


Envision strolling through life’s golden chapters hand in hand with a partner who appreciates the depth of your experiences and the richness of your spirit. Picture shared laughter over cozy dinners, meaningful conversations that span a lifetime, and the joy of waking up each day to a connection that only deepens with time.

In this present moment, you might find yourself navigating life’s complex journey, grappling with its challenges, and carrying the weight of experiences that have sculpted your path. As a 50-plus woman, you may have encountered storms, celebrated triumphs, and embraced diverse chapters of your life.

Yet, amidst this tapestry of experiences, you might be sensing a desire for something more—a connection that goes beyond the ordinary, a relationship that reflects the depth of your soul. You may be yearning for a partner who not only appreciates the woman you’ve become but also enhances the richness of your journey.

Right now, you could be contemplating the possibility of love in your golden years, wondering how to navigate the dating landscape with elegance and allure. Maybe you’re seeking guidance on how to position yourself for the kind of relationship that transcends superficial connections and blossoms into a profound, lasting love.

My Journey

I feel you. That’s where I was 13 years ago…. After a 30-year marriage, I found myself divorced and single. Living with a housemate who had romantic interests, though well-intentioned, didn’t align with my vision for the kind of deep, emotional connection I craved. I knew there was more to my story, and I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

My Success

I attracted a high-value man, someone with whom compatibility was not just a checklist but a symphony of shared dreams and values. Our connection deepened, leading to dating, moving in together, and the beautiful culmination of our love story—a blissful wedding the following year.

Now, my husband and I reside in a stunning home surrounded by nature, our sanctuary where love and joy flourish. Our adventures take us to faraway isles, experiencing the world in style. Alongside us are our five furry companions, completing our family picture. This is possible for you too.


Envision yourself embodying the elegance of a refined, feminine lady, effortlessly captivating those around you. Feel the magnetic allure you exude, drawing in a high-value man who not only recognizes but deeply values the unique essence of who you are.

Imagine stepping into a future where every sunrise brings the warm glow of radiant love. Picture a partner who not only appreciates the pages of your life’s journey but adds a vibrant new chapter, painting your world with hues of joy and companionship, who not only appreciates the journey you’ve undertaken but also inspires and uplifts you to new heights, creating a dynamic partnership that propels both of you forward.

As you contemplate these vivid scenes, it’s not merely about finding a partner; it’s about crafting a love story that aligns with the profound desires you hold. Imagine your destination—a place where love is an exquisite journey, and every moment is a testament to the richness of your wellthy and loved life. This is your movie, your narrative, and the canvas upon which your dreams unfold.

Envision a wellthy lifestyle—physically, emotionally, and socially fulfilling. Picture yourself embracing wellness, reveling in financial stability, and enjoying a rich social life as integral.


Introducing: 50 Plus Wellthy & Loved, my exclusive 3-month private coaching program.

Through our W.E.L.L. Fusion Mode, we’ll guide you through four phases—Wellthy, Elegant, Love, and Lifestyle—each designed to empower you to manifest your ideal life and partner. With personalized wellness plans, weekly contemplation sessions, and targeted guidance on nutrition, fitness, and mindset, you’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Our dedicated one-on-one coaching sessions, continuous support, and daily affirmations ensure you feel valued and supported every step of the way.

Introducing “W.E.L.L. Fusion Mode” to help you find your love in your golden years.

Phase I “Wellthy” – Mindset, Goal & Vision:

    • You gain clarity on your wellthy life, set achievable goals, and develop a mindset that actively manifests your ideal life and partner.

Phase II “Elegant” – Radiance, Style & Confidence:

    • You undergo a holistic self-transformation, embracing wellness and self-care, boosting body confidence, refining your style, and cultivating an enduring elegance and radiance that attracts your ideal partner into your life.

Phase III “Love” – Relationship, Communication & Feminine Energy:

    • You foster authentic relationships with yourself and others, develop a personalized dating strategy, hone communication skills, and build connections in a way that aligns with your authentic, feminine energy and attracts the divine masculine into your life.

Phase IV “Lifestyle” – Integration, Embodiment & Engaged:

    • You seamlessly integrate wellthy living into your daily lifestyle, embody the qualities of an adored and confident Wellthy Chic lady, and effortlessly attract love into your life as you engage fully with your envisioned lifestyle.

The Program

  1. Personalized Wellness and Self-Care Plan
  2. Weekly Guided Contemplation Sessions
  3. Workbooks and Assignments for Enhanced Well-Being
  4. Nutrition and Fitness Guidance
  5. Mindset Strategies for Sustainable Weight Management
  6. Continued Access for Support and Adjustments
  7. Style and Confidence Building
  1. Dating and Relationship Strategy, including Feng Shui
  2. Personalized Insights and Guidance
  3. Support and Access
  4. 10 Weekly One-on-One Coaching Sessions.
  5. Continuous Support via email during the 3 months
  6. Encouraging Daily Positive Affirmations
  7. Excellent Elite Service™: My dedication to providing exceptional personalized service, ensuring clients feel valued and supported throughout their journey.

Your Journey

Embark on a personalized journey where you’ll gain insights, strategies, and a clear roadmap to attract and nurture a loving relationship in your golden years. Discover the secrets to a Wellthy & Loved life, filled with connection, joy, and fulfillment. Your transformation begins with this empowering call! At the end of the session, if we both feel like a good fit, we will talk about how I can help you implement the dating strategy and bring your golden love vision to life. If not, you will walk away with the clarity and practical strategies so that you can implement them yourself, free of charge.

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